Spartan Sales Academy's trainings help accelerate skill development and sales performance with, on average, a 6.8% increase in annual sales and 19% decrease in discounting with our sales-specific negotiation training

Live On-Site 

Entirely unique storytelling style, Patrick uses history and humor to keep audiences entertained, engaged, and informed. We know bored sales people make terrible learners and that to educate, you must first entertain!


Distance isn’t an issue with Spartan Sales Virtual online training sessions. Sharp and quick-witted, Patrick knows how to entertain and engage salespeople in a digital environment.

Keynote Engagements

Make your event unforgettable with Patrick’s high-energy personality, entirely unique storytelling skills, sales, negotiation, and leadership topic expertise.

Microlearning Reinforcement

Kickstart your sales rep’s day with 3-minute microlearning review and reinforcement videos for immediate skill implementation and long-term skill adoption.

Sales leaders worldwide leverage Spartan Sales Academy's Customized Sales, Prospecting, Presentation, Negotiation and Leadership Training Options


Ask about our complimentary 1-hour sample virtual training!

It isn’t easy for sales leaders in a ruthless marketplace.

Spartan Sales Academy is your
secret weapon.

Sales wisdom based 
on world history

Stay engaged with fun, fascinating historical lessons applied to modern sales challenges.

A simple calculus for winning

Spartan sales warriors gain confidence with our proven selling system.

A principle-based

Protect your corporate reputation with a team that understands and sells with integrity.

Industry Endorsements

Need support to reach your sales objectives?

Frequently asked questions (Brooke to review)

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