Patrick Henry Hansen is the founder of Patrick Henry International. Founded in 2000, PHI is a B2B sales and negotiation training company that teaches sales people how to consistently win MORE SALES with FEWER DISCOUNTS and HIGHER MARGINS.

Patrick has delivered over 1,200 trainings in 22 countries to hundreds of businesses worldwide. His sales trainings and selling system have been embraced by BUSINESSES OF ALL SIZES—FROM SMALL COMPANIES TO FORTUNE 500’S. As a former sales representative, manager and executive for multiple technology companies, Patrick introduced sales trainings and selling systems that increased revenue over 100% in each company.

His motto is “If you don't train em, you can't blame em." Which is why, since 2000, he’s been helping clients like Apple, Tesla, Rolls Royce & Google increase both sales revenue AND sales margins by equipping their reps with the sales and negotiation skills necessary to win more sales with fewer discounts and higher profitability.

Patrick has the unique distinction of being a RECOGNIZED SALES AND NEGOTIATION EXPERT WITNESS IN UNITED STATES FEDERAL COURTS. He has a personal library of over 3,000 books, is a self-taught historian, and is best known for his entirely unique style of sharing humorous stories epic historical events to teach time-tested sales and negotiation strategies that are still relevant today.

Patrick is the best-selling author of four books that have sold over 50,000 copies in 22 countries. He is a former radio talk show host, co-founder of Green Eyes in Africa, a non-profit orphanage in Younde, Cameroon, and lives with his wife Laura and their six children in San Diego, California.

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