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Patrick will show your sales team how to generate more leads, set more appointments and fill opportunity pipelines with qualified prospects using his unique lead generation strategies. 

Let Patrick teach your sales people a proven selling methodology that builds competitive differentiation, prevents traditional “show up, throw up” sales behaviors, and increases sales.

Through this training Patrick demonstrates how to develop winning content, master proven communication strategies, differentiate products and services, and deliver rockstar presentations.

Learn how to win more sales with fewer discounts and higher margins by building and balancing power, neutralizing buyer tactics with seller countertactics, and eliminating unnecessary price concessions.

Manage, coach & motivate your sellers with the P5 Spartan Management system: People. Process. Performance. Power. Persuasion.


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Communication, differentiation & closing skills.


Consistent questioning & qualifying methodology.


Advanced objection mgmt & closing strategies.


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“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” — George S. Patton Business is War. This cannot be understated and is, unfortunately, not talked about often enough. War is dynamic, it has evolved throughout the ages from rock bashing, to spear throwing, to nuclear devastation. Technology has changed, but the fundamental laws of war will always remain the same. Out-think, outwit, and outflank your enemy. Business is no different. The nature of business dictates that you must be prepared to think outside the box or be trapped in it…

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