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When evaluating training options, many companies inadvertently overlook an essential component of successful training: entertainment.

Plain and simple…

We do training different.


Spartan Business takes entertainment very seriously. We recognize that bored sales people make terrible learners and that to educate, you must first entertain. By strategically injecting history (storytelling) and humor (funny video clips), our instructional approach is entirely unique. Our guiding principle is to provide participants with a “mental recess” every 12-22 minutes with brief historical examples or humorous video clips. Our emphasis on entertainment keeps content fresh, participants alert, and the entire experience engaging, educational, and fun.


In order to maximize the impact and ROI of sales training, Spartan Business recommends heavy emphasis on customization. Spartan Business will work with your team to tailor our core concepts into workbooks, cheat sheets, exercises, role-plays, and PowerPoints to match the exact needs, challenges, and competitive land- scape of your unique selling environment.


To achieve both immediate and long-term skill adoption, Spartan Business recommends a holistic training model that combines classroom instruction, eLearning reinforcement, VLOGS (Videos), Podcasts, Blogs, and mastery workshops. Using our “blended” approach, sales people, managers, and executives are equipped with the tools to accelerate skill development, improve sales performance, and ensure the full implementation of the newly acquired skills and strategies.


Most companies that invest in training experience a temporary spike in performance, only to see sales people revert to previous skills and approaches. The reason is simple: most companies use an antiquated “seminar” approach that is momentarily motivational but does little to change or improve selling behavior. Spartan Business clients do not experience this problem. By implementing our follow-up coaching sessions, our partners achieve both immediate application and long-term adoption of newly acquired skills and strategies. We help clients achieve this objective by equipping regional managers with a “coaching toolbox” which includes workbooks, cheat sheets, books, eMastery tools, Vlogs (Vidoes), Blogs, and audio Podcasts.


Following each training (per training topic) Spartan Business recommends field application with coaching provided by regional sales managers. Following field application, Mastery Workshops are conducted to provide follow-up skill reinforcement and permanent change. This one-day workshop provides a working model for continuing education and ongoing learning opportunities.

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