Patrick founded PHI in 2000 and has delivered over 1,200 trainings in 22 countries to hundreds of businesses worldwide. His sales trainings and selling system have been embraced by businesses of all sizes—from small companies to Fortune 500’s.

” Patrick’s link between history and sales is very entertaining. But more importantly, very relevant to modern sales professionals searching for a principle based sales methodology and selling system.”

—Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“If you’re searching for a sales training and selling system to move your sales dial from Good to Great, you just found it.”

Jim Collins

Author, Good to Great

“Patrick’s books, trainings and presentation system will teach you how to double your sales, and double your income.”

Brian Tracy

Author, The Psychology of Selling

“Patrick’s use of history to teach modern methods of sales is remarkable, inspiring, captivating—a blueprint for sales success.”

Larry King

Author, How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

“Patrick reminds us that those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it. His use of classic scenarios informs present day practitioners. He communicates solid marketing principles, helping readers understand the past in an unforgettable manner.”

—Dr. William D. Danko

co-author of The Millionaire Next Door

“Fantastic! If you’re interested in dramatically improving communication skills and sales results, learn from the masters of the past by reading these books.”

—Ron McMillan

co-author of Crucial Conversation

 “Rarely does someone capture so many priceless truths in such an engaging and interesting way.”

—Zig Ziglar

Author, Secrets of Closing the Sale

 “Patrick’s books and trainings provide extraordinary historical examples of leadership. An atlas for managerial achievement.”

—John C. Maxell

Author, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

 “Patrick’s understanding of sales, together with his wit, makes his book series extremely enjoyable and informative. I’ve been lucky enough to see some of his ideas applied to a sales organization. As a result, pipelines grew, morale improved and our sales team performed better than ever.”

—Kyle Powell

Co-founder, Novell

“These are fantastic books. Not only are the sales concepts and marketing principles profound but the manner in which they are communicated is totally unique. I strongly recommend these books.” 

—Hyrum W. Smith

Vice Chariman of the Board, FranklinCovey

“Bravo… a maverick approach to sales and marketing. Patrick’s use of history is engaging, interesting, and informative—a blueprint for sales and marketing success.”

—Gerhard Gschwandter

Founder of Selling Power Magazine

“Spartan Sales’ books, trainings, and material received raving review from our sales people. His “street smart” content and unique historical approach was both entertaining and informative.”

—Shena Weeks

Corporate Trainer, Kimberly-Clark

“Patrick understands how people learn and what it takes to create new, more productive behaviors. His content, teaching style and follow up tools stand apart from the crowd. He has become one of our trusted advisors.”

—Ken Clayton

Vice President, Worldwide Sales, SolidWorks Corp.

“My team has sang nothing but “Patrick Praises” from your books and training. It is really rare for my sales team to be this positive about training and about the trainer. You exceeded my expectations.”

—Alison Hesse

Director of Sales, Clear Channel Radio

“Patrick is everything he promises, and then some—entertaining, engaging and extremely effective. Unlike other training programs, his approach takes the discussions deeper by providing insight into the exact tactics and counter tactics used throughout the negotiation process.”

—Jack Solomon

VP Strategic Procurement, Actavis

“I was skeptical about Patrick’s books and trainings (honestly, they sounded too good to be true). Not anymore. They far exceeded our expectations.”

—Christian Smith

VP Sales, eProject

“I highly recommend Patrick’s books and trainings to any organization looking to increase their overall sales results and negotiation effectiveness. Simply put, it’s the most engaging and thought-provoking content I’ve seen.”

—Chris Prekopa

Sales Director, Time Warner Cable

“Our company engages in complicated negotiations with large corporations including BMW and Mercedes. We needed the best strategies possible and Patrick delivered. His expertise and passion for the topic was palpable. I strongly endorse his books, approach and content.”

—Denis Kerrigan

Director of Global Learning, Harman International


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Increase the prospecting skills & activity of your sales team to generate more leads & set more appointments, more often!


Increase sales by improving the questioning, qualifying, objection management, differentiating & closing skills of your sales force.


Develop, Deliver & Differentiate your presentations with The
Greek Art of Persuasion: ETHOS. PATHOS. LOGOS.


Minimize discounts & concessions by mastering The Iron Triangle of sales-side negotiation—POWER, TACTICS & STRATEGY.


Manage, coach & motivate your sellers with the P5 Spartan Management system: People. Process. Performance. Persuasion. Power.


learn the secrets to landing a great job and building a 6-figure, civilian-life career!

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