“Like Spartan Warriors, a single Spartan Seller trained and certified in the Spartan Selling System is worth 10 sellers who aren’t.”

— Patrick Henry Hansen

Like war, business has allies and enemies, weaponry and strategy—battles with winners and losers. And no disrespect to accountants, but the battlefield of business is in the sales arena where there are wins and losses. Triumphs and defeats. And like ancient Spartan Warriors, modern Spartan SELLERS trained in the Spartan Negotiation System have a distinct competitive advantage over their systemless col leagues and competitors who don’t. Spartan Negotiation Training strips away all of the academic noise, scholarly so phistication and philosophical complexity traditionally associated with negotiation courses and instead goes right to the pulp, the nectar.

The commander of Spartan a ally once complained that the Spartans weren’t committing enough soldiers to battle. Spartan General Agesilaos responded by asking the assembled troops to take a knee when he called out their profession. “Potters, smiths, carpenters, farmers, lawyers, traders and so on”. When only a small band of Spartan warriors remained standing, General Agesilaos said, “You see commander, we bring more soldiers to the battle than you do.”

The Iron Triangle of Sales- Side Negotiation:

The Spartan Negotiation System equips sellers with the skills, methodologies and strategies to: recognize, exercise & neutralize power. Build, balance & maintain power. Leverage The 7 Powers of Highly Effective Salespeople. Neutralize buyer tactics with seller counter-tactics. Eliminate unwarranted discounts. Avoid unnecessary concessions. Reverse discounting trends. Minimize price reductions, and to successfully negotiate win-win agreements.

Business is war and sales is the battlefield. With these skills, methodologies and strategies sales reps are equipped with the necessary weapons to succeed, to conquer, to win. Without them, sales reps are left to flounder in mediocrity. Without a system you’re playing dice, not cerebrally engaging on a battlefield.

The Spartan Sales Academy is not for the weak minded seller. It is not for those who hope, or who are satisfied with kow towing to a buyer in a desperate attempt to close a sale. We teach strength and we are looking for the hungry, determined sales warrior. Join our ranks, and be SPARTAN.