Let Patrick teach your sales people a proven selling methodology that builds competitive differentiation, prevents traditional “show up, throw up” sales behaviors, and increases sales.

    Top 3 Training Objectives

    • Master an advanced questioning, qualifying & communication methodology
    • Implement non-pushy, no-pressure objection management, differentiation & closing strategies
    • Establish a common sales language, selling methodology & unified sales system

    Top 3 Training Objectives

    Spartan Sales Training

    The Spartans were the most elite fighting force in world history. From the narrow pass of Thermopylae to the beaches of Normandy, history’s greatest commanders have deployed the Spartan’s 3 Pillars of Performance—an organizational blueprint and training model as relevant to business as it is to battle and as applicable to sellers as it is to soldiers.


    The 3 Pillars of Sales Performance


    Communication, differentiation & closing skills


    Consistent questioning & qualifying methodology


    Advanced objection management & closing strategies

    Top 10 Training Takeaways

    1. Increase sales with world’s #1 sales methodology! THE DNA SELLING METHOD™
    2. “Build, Balance & Maintain” seller power™ from the cold call to the close
    3. Avoid traditional “Show up, throw up” sales behaviors & stereotypes
    4. Qualify opportunities and work with high probability buyers
    5. “Ascertain the pain” linked to unfulfilled needs & unresolved problems
    6. Build competitive differentiation with valid vs. false differentiators
    7. Prevent & overcome objections with an advanced objection management strategy
    8. Overcome price-specific objections with our “Top 10 Price-specific Rejoinders”
    9. Leverage the Psychology of Buyology with assertive vs. aggressive closing tactics
    10. Shorten sales cycles with a non-pushy, question-based closing strategy

    From Our Founder


    “The winner, after careful preparation, is confident he will win the war before he wages battle. The losers, without preparation, engage the enemy first, hoping they will win the fight.” — Sun Tzu. Have you ever wondered why books such as The Art of War by Sun Tzu and biographies of General George S. Patton and Sir Winston Churchill are found on many CEO’s bookshelves? This is because the principles of combat are equally applicable in sales negotiation. Intelligent negotiators know that what takes place in the selling process will determine what takes place in the negotiation process. For that reason, strategic negotiators focus first on selling and then on negotiating.

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