Sales-side Negotiation Training

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Learn how to win more sales with fewer discounts and higher margins by building and balancing power, neutralizing buyer tactics with seller counter tactics, and eliminating unnecessary price concessions.

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Top 3 Training Objectives

  1. Master The Iron Triangle of Sales-Side Negotiation—POWER, TACTICS & STRATEGY™
  2. Recognize and neutralize 21 BUYER TACTICS with 12 SELLER COUNTERTACTICS
  3. Minimize discounts and concessions with The Spartan Negotiation System™

Spartan Negotiation Training

Spartan Negotiation Training accelerates skill development by leveraging the most powerful negotiation training model in history. Spartan Negotiation equips sellers with the skills, methodologies & strategies to avoid unnecessary discounts and prevent unwarranted price concessions. The results are more sales, fewer discounts, higher margins, increased profitability, and better buyer-seller relationships.

Spartan Helmet

Top 10 Training Takeaways

  1. Recognize The 3 primary sources of buyer power
  2. Leverage The 7 primary sources of seller power
  3. Build, balance and maintain seller power
  4. Avoid The Top 5 Sales-Side Negotiation mistakes
  5. Overcome Buyer tactics with 12 sales-specific countertactics
  6. Master The 7 Powers of Highly Effective Salespeople
  7. Learn to trade, never donate discounts
  8. Develop comprehensive strategies with The Spartan Negotiation Planner
  9. Eliminate unnecessary price discounts and unwarranted contract concessions
  10. Win more sales with fewer discounts, higher margins & stronger relationships



When evaluating training options, many companies inadvertently overlook the most essential component of successful training: ENTERTAINMENT! Bored salespeople make terrible learners! To educate, you must first entertain and sellers who are laughing are more prone to learning. Patrick’s use of epic historical events, funny stories, and humorous video clips keep participants engaged, entertained and more capable of absorbing large doses of information.


To maximize the ROI and impact of your training, Spartan Negotiation offers full customization options that integrate product names, prices, competitors, brands and logos directly into the workbook and curriculum, making the entire learning experience more relevant, applicable, memorable and implementable.


To achieve both immediate and long-term skill adoption, Spartan Negotiation provides a holistic training model that combines classroom instruction with a post-training implementation review and reinforcement tools and optional post-training videos. 


All sales professionals appreciate being recognized and rewarded for their educational efforts. After completing the workshop and post-training eLearning program, sellers receive a signed certification diploma, high quality medal to display, and membership in the online Spartan Nation community forum.


The Spartans knew when they combined weaponry SKILLS with a standardized combat METHODOLOGY and campaign-specific battle STRATEGY that they had a SYSTEM. A calculus for winning! A formula for success. They recognized that their greatest competitive advantage wasn’t in superior numbers, brute force or bravery. It was their system—the combined training and application of skill, methodology & strategy. A system as effective for sellers as it is to soldiers, and as applicable to business as it was to battle.

The Battlefield of Business

Like war, business has allies and enemies, weaponry and strategy—battles with winners and losers. And no disrespect to accountants, but the battlefield of business is in the sales arena where there are wins and losses. Triumphs and defeats. And like ancient Spartan Warriors, modern spartan sellers trained in the Spartan Negotiation System [SKILL + METHODOLOGY + STRATEGY = SYSTEM] have a distinct competitive advantage over their systemless colleagues and competitors who don’t.

Spartan Negotiation Brochure

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