The world’s first microlearning platform for sales

Professional sales teams keep cutting-edge methods in their arsenal. Gear up to tackle the day with Spartan’s 3-minute video microlearning.

Continuous sales skill development with entertaining microlearning

Simple, speedy, and ridiculously convenient, Spartan’s microlearning Skill of the Day provides your sellers with a daily dose of professional education and motivational video content.

Spartan’s timeless training techniques with a revolutionary twist

Make a habit of tuning into Patrick Henry Hansen’s insights. Tune in during your morning coffee or lunch break to learn about how to use the Spartan system to ward off objections and obstacles.

Do you have the best sales skills in your industry?

Spartan’s Skill of the Day is for every field sales professional.

Sales veterans.

Stay current on new buyer tactics and counter-tactics with fun lessons.

Reps with trouble closing.

Fine-tune the skills that lead up to winning deals and happy customers.

New salespeople.

Start with one of the world’s most outstanding trainers- Patrick Henry Hansen.

Short on time?

Update your skills while still holding the fort with clients and your boss.

Customer testimonials

Join our community of the sharpest sales professionals on the planet.

“Going into the sales battlefield alone each day takes courage. You can never be too prepared. “

Patrick Henry Hansen

Forge ahead with Patrick Henry Hansen today

For over 22 years, as a renown sales facilitator, Patrick understands sales leaders’ challenge to deliver consistent sales training. Pulling reps out of the field- and off their phones – for days at a time isn’t easy.

Sales training is a constant logistical balancing act that every sales executive is forced to manage – until now!

Enjoy Patrick Henry Hansen’s on-demand sales training with Skill of the Day anytime, anywhere,and at a price point that any sales professional can afford.

We just made it easier for every salesperson to up their game

Enjoy all the benefits of Patrick Henry Hansen’s daily 3-minute microlearning:

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