The P5 Management Model is a patent-pending process that teaches sales managers and leaders how to systematize essential managerial, coaching and leadership responsibilities around P5 management principles:

    Top 5 Training Objectives

    1. PEOPLE: Recruit, hire, motivate & retain the right people
    2. PROCESS: Optimize CRM, pipeline management, reporting & sales processes
    3. PERFORMANCE: Standardize training, coaching & performance evaluations
    4. PERSUASION: Inform, influence & inspire with effective persuasion skills
    5. POWER: Build, balance & maintain managerial power, respect & credibility

    Top 5 Training Objectives

    Spartan Leadership Training

    The Spartans engineered the best military system, managerial model, and training apparatus in history! Likewise, Spartan Managers trained in Spartan Sales Management principles engineer the best selling system, managerial model and coaching process in modernity. Spartan Sales Management Training teaches sales managers and leaders how to “systematize success” by building a selling system based on the insanely effective 3 Pillars of Performance: SKILL, METHODOLOGY & STRATEGY.


    The 3 Pillars of Sales Performance


    Managerial, coaching & leadership skills


    Common sales language, methodology & CRM


    Competitor, compensation & motivation strategies

    Top 10 Training Takeaways

    1. Develop and Deploy The P5 Sales Management Model™
    2. Establish a common language, sales methodology and unified selling system
    3. Master The TOP 10 Secrets of Successful Coaching
    4. Avoid The TOP 5 Sales Management Mistakes
    5. Establish a hiring system to recruit, hire and retain top talent
    6. Optimize compensation packages for maximum performance incentives
    7. Implement and reward performance standards, goals and expectations
    8. Learn how to be hard on problems and soft on people
    9. Maximize coaching, management and leadership opportunities
    10. Motivate, inspire and achieve individual and team performance goals

    From Our Founder


    “The person who cares the least about the outcome has the most power in negotiation.”— Patrick Henry Hansen Sales managers, directors, VP’s and executives! You’ll be interested in this. I recently reviewed a lengthy study on B2B discounting by Sales Surveys Inc. that included post-purchase surveys to C-level executives involved in $50,000 and up purchases and in one section of the survey they asked a fascinating question…

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