Expand your company's profit margins. Catapult past this quarter's quota.

Seize a 5-30% commission surge for you and your team.

Book an on-site training with hard-core practical skills to banish haphazard discounting to close more profitable deals.

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The best companies in the nation have intentionally prepared their teams for the competitive sales arena using Patrick Henry Hansen's methodologies

Patrick buys the pizza.

Get a FREE 1-hour session "Lunch & Learn" with Patrick Henry Hansen

Do you have more than 10 sales consultants on your team?

The first step to coordinate the 1-hour complimentary training for you, your sales team, and management (and the pizza delivery) is for Patrick to call you directly. 

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We help sales professionals win more sales with fewer discounts.

Compromising in the final stages of the sales cycle with financial incentives for the customer is a costly habit. Everyone in your organization loses: salespeople earn less on a lower proposal bottom line, and the business scrambles to compensate for a lower revenue forecast.

Spartan’s acclaimed sales training books come to life with on-site sessions!

Patrick Henry Hansen, Spartan’s author, uses his famous historical story-telling parallels that shed light on overcoming obstacles that your sales team faces daily.

For a limited time, Patrick will call you directly to explore the right training options for your organization.

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1. Discovery Conversation

Clarify your training goals with Patrick Henry Hansen

2. Custom Curriculum

Patrick builds negotiation tactics unique to your firm

3. On-Site Training

Patrick Henry’s engaging teaching style drives team results

Strategic sales negotiation training pays for itself (and then some)!

Patrick Henry Hansen’s fun and effective lessons, based on world history, prepare today’s sales consultants with 12 counter offensive tactics that will neutralize buyer’s efforts to unfairly squeeze providers like you. 

Stimulating History Lesson Story-Telling, your custom training includes The 3 Pillars of Negotiation…


Master The Iron Triangle of Sales-Side Negotiation—POWER, TACTICS & STRATEGY™


Recognize and neutralize 21 BUYER TACTICS with 12 SELLER COUNTER-TACTICS


Minimize discounts and concessions with The Spartan Negotiation System™

Do I hear your team screaming HA-OOH*?!

The Spartan Negotiation program is more than just a mindset and motivational rallying cry for your sales troops – it teaches them how to win more sales with fewer discounts.

*HA-OOH! Is the sound of Spartan sales warriors responding to your leadership call to triumph without heavy discounting. Are you ready for Spartan-style sales success?

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About Patrick Henry Hansen

Charismatic, purpose-driven, intelligent, and entertaining, Patrick is an internationally renowned speaker and trainer of over 100,000 salespeople and executives in 22 countries. He thrives on drawing parallels between the sales process and world history lessons, illustrating the importance of skill, method, and strategy.

#1 sales skill development company in the world
A proven business leader, Patrick and his team apply his system to scale his profitable Spartan sales training and consulting company.
1,200+ trainings
The Spartan Selling System™ helps build and accelerate sales by elevating the performance of individuals and businesses.
Best-selling sales author
6 books with endorsements from industry icons including Stephen R. Covey, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Larry King, John Maxwell and Jim Collins.

Get an idea of Patrick’s teaching style with a free sample a course content.

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Yes! You got that right. Patrick buys the pizza too.

If you have more than 10 sales consultants on your team, you will get a FREE 1-hour “Lunch & Learn” session taught by Patrick Henry Hansen.


Patrick will have pizza delivered to your office for you, your sales team and management.

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