Spartan Differentiators

Most sales training today is a facsimile of what it was 20 years ago. Even though history repeats itself, times have changed, and staying on top of the game requires something different. Explore what makes  Spartan Sales Academy trainings different.

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Most clients see a temporary spike in performance with traditional training companies only to see their attendees behave the exact same way weeks later. Our clients don’t experience this frustration. With our post training microlearning tools, our clients achieve both immediate skill implementation and long-term skill adoption with our clients averaging a 6.8% increase in sales in 19% decrease in discounting.


When evaluating training options, many companies inadvertently overlook an essential component of successful training: ENTERTAINMENT. Spartan Sales recognizes that bored participants make terrible learners and that to educate you must first entertain, that when sellers are laughing, they are more prone to learning. By strategically injecting engaging historical stories and humorous video clips to teach and reinforce sales and negotiation principles, our instructional approach is entirely unique, memorable, engaging, and fun!


To maximize the ROI and impact of your training, Spartan Sales offers full customization options that integrate product names, prices, competitors, brands and logos directly into the workbook and curriculum, making the entire learning experience more relevant, applicable, memorable and implementable.


To achieve both immediate skill implementation and long-term skill adoption, Spartan Sales provides a holistic training model that combines classroom instruction with a post-training microlearning program that includes daily 3-minute review and reinforcement videos. 

Following each workshop, Spartan Sales delivers online, post-training review, reinforcement, and certification e-learning tools.  Our entirely unique micro-learning model delivers both immediate skill implementation and long-term skill adoption. 

Sales leaders worldwide leverage Spartan's Customized On-site, Virtual, Keynote & Microlearning training options

Live On-Site 

Entirely unique storytelling style, Patrick uses history and humor to keep audiences entertained, engaged, and informed. We know bored sales people make terrible learners and that to educate, you must first entertain!


Distance isn’t an issue with Spartan Sales Virtual online training sessions. Sharp and quick-witted, Patrick knows how to entertain and engage salespeople in a digital environment.

Keynote Engagements

Make your event unforgettable with Patrick’s high-energy personality, entirely unique storytelling skills, sales, negotiation, and leadership topic expertise.

Microlearning Reinforcement

Kickstart your sales rep’s day with 3-minute microlearning review and reinforcement videos for immediate skill implementation and long-term skill adoption.


Our books, concepts and unique training approach has been enthusiastically embraced by some of the most respected and recognized business leaders in the world including Stephen R. Covey, Brian Tracy, Larry King, Gary Vanerchuck, John Maxwell, and dozens of successful executives.

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