“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

— George S. Patton

Business is War. This cannot be understated and is, unfortunately, not talked about often enough. War is dynamic, it has evolved throughout the ages from rock bashing, to spear throwing, to nuclear devastation. Technology has changed, but the fundamental laws of war will always remain the same. Out-think, outwit, and outflank your enemy. Business is no different. The nature of business dictates that you must be prepared to think outside the box or be trapped in it.

The commander of a Spartan ally once complained that the Spartans weren’t committing enough soldiers to battle. Spartan General Agesilaos responded by asking the assembled troops to take a knee when he called out their profession. “Potters, smiths, carpenters, farmers, lawyers, traders and so on”. When only a small band of Spartan warriors remained standing, General Agesilaos said, “You see commander, we bring more soldiers to the battle than you do.”

If Business is War, and Sales is the battlefield, what does that make the seller? The answer is a warrior. Not all warriors are made equal. A quick glance at Greek military history will show you the difference between the calibers of warrior and how they relate to your sales force. At the bottom you had the militia or levy, the conscripted force that typically fled at the first sign of trouble. These were the supplements, untrained and unskilled in the art of war and utilized more for taking up space and plugging gaps than waging war. They were much like the new guy, the inside seller beginning the sales path. Moving up and you had the Greek “weekend warriors”, the Athenian Hoplites who mustered once a year to keep up their battle prowess. These were the primary source for semi skilled, semi trained warriors who could get the job done but were not professional soldiers. These are your average sales reps, good enough, but not the best. Then you had the professional, the Spartan. The most respected warrior on the ancient battlefield. A virtual tank, a strategic master and a trained leader. Spartans trained religiously. They were the masters of their craft and were solely focused on their profession, war. They were the line that did not break, the warriors that would not fail, the men who were often imitated but never recreated. As a sales professional, as a business warrior, you should have no less a standard. Training constantly, learning feverishly, always striving to become a better and more adaptable sales professional. Spartan Sales Academy is here to provide you the systems, techniques and strategies to become just that. Our axiomatic system is designed to give you the tools you need to become a Spartan Seller.