94% of B2B sellers have never received sales-specific negotiation training.

Sales managers, directors, VP’s and executives! Sales Survey Inc did a study on B2B discounting and reported that 94% of B2B sellers have never been trained in sales-side negotiation. It’s insane but true. 9 in 10 B2B sellers have not been equipped with sales-specific negotiation skills, despite the fact they are involved in the most difficult negotiations known to man! More difficult than divorce attorneys, procurement officers, union bosses, politicians, even corporate lawyers. Because unlike traditional negotiations, B2B sellers have to win both the negotiation AND the sale AND make buyers feel good about it in the process!
Think about what B2B sellers face: Not just winning the sale. But winning the sale with the highest profit margin possible, and in the most challenging environment possible, hyper-competitive, complex, committee-based sales with elongated sales cycles. In virtually every B2B sales, sellers are dealing with high-value, high-stakes, fiercely contested accounts, and going head-to-head against competitors as hungry to win as they are. And on every sale facing the same daunting task of building the strongest relationship, delivering the best presentation, demonstrating the strongest differentiators, establishing the most value, negotiating the highest margins, and ultimately, winning the sale! And if that’s not daunting enough, by the end of it, ensuring the buyers still feel good about you, your product and company!
Pile on quota pressure, managerial pressure, peer pressure, forecast commitments, potential bonuses, commission expectations, and the Titanic amount of stress this all creates, and you can begin to appreciate the colossal level of difficulty sellers face in B2B sales negotiations.  
Oh, and did I mention… they’re expected to do all this without training? It’s crazy and counterintuitive, but true. 94% of B2B sellers have never received sales-specific negotiation training. It’s like sending soldiers into battle without a weapon. Or like sending baseball players to the plate without a bat—and then blaming them for the swing and miss.
Is it any wonder why even the best salespeople often panic over price and end up offering discounts and concessions in moments of stress and pressure? 94% of B2B sellers are panicking over price because they’ve never been taught how not to. They’ve never been taught how to avoid unnecessary discounts or eliminate unwarranted price or contract concessions. They’ve never been taught how to build and balance power. How do recognize and neutralize buyer-negotiation tactics with effective seller countertactics? They’ve never been taught how to trade instead of donate concessions. Or, when a discount IS necessary or justified, how to properly and professionally make a concession without diminishing the value or eroding the brand status of your product. In short, they’ve never received sales-specific negotiation training and “If you don’t train em, you can’t blame em.” Keep in mind, the opposite is also true!
Patrick Henry Hansen is the founder of the Patrick Henry International, an advanced sales & negotiation training company that specializes in minimizing the discounting habits of salespeople and reversing the discounting trends of sales organizations that discount TOO MUCH, TOO FAST and TOO OFTEN. We help salespeople win more sales, with fewer discounts and higher profitability by equipping them with sales specific negotiation skills required to avoid unnecessary discounts and eliminate unwarranted price and contract concessions. We’ve delivered over 1,200 trainings, in 22 countries, to over 150,000 sales professionals representing hundreds of businesses WORLDWIDE. On average, our clients experience a 6.8% increase in annual sales and a 3.1% increase in sales margins. We’re confident we can achieve similar results for your business or sales department.

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