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When evaluating training options many individuals inadvertently overlook the most essential component of successful training: Entertainment! Bored people make terrible learners. Anyone even remotely good at business is riddled with at least a touch of A.D.D. (Patrick happens to be one of them). To educate, you must first entertain. To inform, you must first inspire, and people are more prone to learning when they are laughing.  Patrick’s unique style of using epic historical events,  humorous video clips and funny stories keeps participants alert, engaged and entertained.

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Join best-selling author, entrepreneur and founder of the Spartan Sales Academy, Patrick Henry Hansen, and learn the secrets to landing a great job and building a 6-figure, civilian-life career!

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The Spartans were the most elite fighting force in world history and established a system of warfare as relevant to civilians as it is to soldiers and as important to business as it is to battle.

RoadMap & Planning

Once certified in the Spartan Selling System, Spartan Sellers are provided the opportunity to interview with one of Spartan Sales’ B2B sales partners.


“Patrick’s link between sales and history is very entertaining. But more importantly, very relevant to modern sales professionals searching for a principle- based sales methodology and selling system.”

Dr. Stephen R. Covey

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