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Kickoff 2023 with proven prospecting, selling, presenting, negotiating, and leadership results taught by best-selling author, recognized sales and negotiation expert in U.S. Federal Courts, and charismatic personality, Patrick Henry Hansen.

Custom Live On-site

Energetic and charismatic, Patrick Henry Hansen inspires salespeople to perfect their skills in a live on-site session.

Custom Virtual

Around the world, sales teams learn to outwit challenges with Spartan’s live virtual training experience.

Custom Keynote

Make your event unforgettable with Patrick's high-energy personality and entirely unique historical storytelling style, and tailored messaging.

Microlearning Training

3-minute microlearning review and reinforcement videos for immediate skill implementation and long-term skill adoption.

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Endorsed by Stephen R. Covey, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Larry King, John Maxwell, Jim Collins, Gary Vaynerchuk and more.

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Spartan Microlearning for Sales Professionals

Always at the forefront, Patrick Henry Hansen now offers 3-minute on-demand microlearning. These microlearning trainings are perfect stand-alone training methods and are also used to refresh concepts learned during live training.

Over 150,000 salespeople trained since 2000

Author of 6 books including best-sellers, Spartan Sales & Spartan Negotiation

1,200+ trainings
in 22 countries

Recognized sales & negotiation expert in U.S. Federal Courts

About Patrick Henry Hansen

Patrick founded the Spartan Sales Academy in 2000 and is the author of 6 books, including his best sellers, Spartan Sales and Spartan Negotiation.

Patrick is a dynamic trainer and charismatic keynote speaker known for his entirely unique style of using historical stories to teach modern principles of sales, negotiation, and leadership. 

A former corporate sales representative, manager, and executive, Patrick increased sales revenue by over 100% in each executive position. 

Fortify every stage of your sales strategy with the Spartan book series

Take 20 minutes for a conversation with Patrick to discuss your 2023 sales goals, challenges and objectives.

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